Plan your funeral's funding

Funeral insurances

Death insurance is provided by an insurance company which is submitted to law and under supervision of the FSMA.

Generally the insurance taker decides of an amount he wants to save to pay for his future funerals. In compensation a defined amount will be paid either once or periodically for a well defined time.

When comparing the different offers available on the market every single detail of the contract must be taken into account. Indeed the amount to be paid will have a huge impact on the customer's decision. The difference in price depends on the specific covers included in the insurance taken. The elements to keep an eye on are among others :
The preliminary medical quizz or training period :
- This medical quizz completed by your doctor is unquestionable but may lead the company to reconsider
the amount to be paid according to potential risks.
- Declaration under oath : the insurance taker states his problems or declares to be healthy.
On the occasion of death the amount to be paid may be reconsidered if it turns out that the insurance taker
had forgotten to mention a disease.
- Training period : in this case an amount is only to be paid on the occasion of death after a given period.

Increase and capitalisation :
Some contracts gurantee a gradual increase of the capital in time. This capital increase by a determined rate a year (for instance 4%/year).