Help the progress of research

Body donation

Donating your body to science is the ultimate altruistic thing you can do. This donation will not only enable research to make progress but will also contribute to helping fiture doctors to study and to better understand human body.

In order to donate your body you must express your will in a handwritten document dated and signed clearly without confusion possible. This document will be made twice. You will keep one to yourself and send the second one to a university of your choice (ULBUCLUlgUMH UNamur).

Please download the file.
Body donation a free and unremunerated act. Only costs with respect to the funeral company will be paid by the family. Death insurance will cover those costs as well a normal funeral.
Body donation can be refused in case of :
- Death abroad
- The deceased was carrying a transmittable infection (AIDS, hepatitis, ...)
- Autopsy carried out on the body or body requesitioned by Public Prosecutor's department
- Saturation point of labo fitting
- Delay exceedance after death (48 to 72 hrs) making the body conservation impossible.
  Organ donation and body donation to science are both compatible.