Prepare the ultimate Goodbye

Before the ceremony

Someone you loved has just passed away and you have to prepare the ceremony during which the whole family will gather in order to pay tribute.

The very first step is to have the death declared by a doctor. Once the death certificate has been issued, we are allowed to take of the deceased person and to start preparing the ceremony.
This is the reason why a death certificate is of the utmost importance. When someone dies in the hospital (75% of cases) the hospital's doctor declares the person dead. If it happens at home contact the family doctor to issue the document.

It goes without saying that this document needs to be signed as soon as possible, otherwise it is forbidden to transport the deceased person. Among other necessary documents are the dead person's identity card and if possible their wedding certificate. In Flanders a document containing their last will issued by the municipality where the deceased person lived, will also be asked.

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